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Fic: Low Town (Teen, Gen, 25,300 words)
All too true...
Written for the dw_guestfest Minor Characters Ficathon and unfortunately posted a day late. I'm actually amazed I got it finished at all, considering the way it just...kept...growing... ;)

Author: [personal profile] jjpor
Title: Low Town
Rating: Teen
Word Count: c. 25,300 (in four chapters)
Prompt/Chosen character: "Spandrell — Gallifreyan police procedural."
Notes/Warnings: Some violence, descriptions of crime scenes etc. Doctor Who and its many characters and associated copyrights do not – repeat not – belong to me.
Summary: A murder on Gallifrey is bad enough; the murder of a prominent Time Lord in the heart(s) of Prydon Academy is even worse. Fortunately, Castellan Spandrell is on the case.

On Teaspoon | On AO3

As this thing’s actually too long to post to Teaspoon in one chunk as per their rules, I’ll put it up chapter by chapter there, but the whole fic is now up on AO3.

This entry has also been posted at Please feel free to comment either here or there.

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I think you are allowed to be late with that many words!

I suppose it's a better excuse than "the dog ate it..." :D

I just validated your third chapter on Teaspoon (and you can submit the final one right away if you like). Very intriguing, I've bookmarked it to read from the beginning.

Thank you! That was very quick indeed! :) I wasn't really sure how best to stagger posting them, but they're all done now, so that's good.

I'll be interested to hear what you think if and when you get the time to read it. :)

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