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X Marks the Spot? [SPOILERS!]
All too true...
Well, new X-Files was on here in Blighty last night, after my months of fevered speculation and anticipation I naturally made sure I caught it. And did it live up to my expections?

As ever, for me a pithy comment will never suffice when an epic rambling dissection is an option, and with that Wordpress thingy I started a while back and still haven't made much use of, I thought, why not indeed?


Tl:dr - Nothing would have, tbh, but I liked it a great deal. At the same time, I can understand completely the reasons some others have expressed for not being as enamoured with it. So yeah - looking forward to next week's now :D

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I'm a fan of the show's original run but didn't like the first new episode so much. And I don't even really care that I didn't because at least it was a new episode! I was okay with just sitting there looking at Mulder and Scully the whole time without much caring what they were saying/doing.

I didn't love the plot of the second episode either, could not even recap it reasonably right now if I got paid to do so, but the third episode... yeah, <3. More of THAT, and less of the other stuff. See, possibly my favorite episode ever is the cracktastic Bad Blood, while I never much cared for the mythology material or darker episodes. I think of this batch of six, by far my favorites will end up being #3 and #5--I've seen only the first four so far, but the previews for #5 have been promising, while #6 is going to be mythology again. This will probably lead to me just sitting there staring at Mulder and Scully again while tuning out the dialogue, and again I think I'll be fine with that.

I've been re-watching the older episodes on Netflix, midway through season 2 at this point, and they're about as much of a mixed bag for me as this batch of new episodes is. A lot of them are, well, rather boring. And some of them are terrific. All in all, I'll take it.

I've been enjoying it so far...

I am currently trying to save it till I have two eps (or more) to watch... but we'll see how long I hold out... :-)

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