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I've set up a blog page at Wordpress. A bit late to the party, probably, but I still can't get my head around Tumblr:

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, exactly, but I do occasionally get the hankering to write lengthy meta-ish things that don't directly relate to fanfiction or the kinds of things most of my flist here are into, so it could be an outlet for that kind of thing.

Don't worry, I'm determined to stay here until they finally switch it off or whatever, and if I do post anything over there I'll be sure to link to it here.

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It looks excellent!

(I'm slightly worried now if your posts there are going to be more in-depth than some of your meta here. Are we talking 100,000 words yet? ;-D)

No, really, it looks like a cool idea & you have some interesting Thoughts. *nods*

ETA: Tumblr is many things, but it's really really not the platform for in-depth meta!!

Edited at 2015-07-26 07:38 pm (UTC)

Heh, I know, I say these things when I have things like the UNIT Dating stuff (which I am going to get back to sooner rather than later) on here. I'll see what I end up doing with it, although I'm not sure when. When inspiration strikes, presumably. :D

And yes, I'm not sure what I'd do on Tumblr, being more of a words than pictures sort of person most of the time. Probably re-blog stuff. That seems to be what they mostly do over there. (I do like all your old TV screencaps, though)

Oh, hey, I'm on wordpress. I got on it to follow Rachline M from LJ, and ended up following other blogs I'd heard of via No Longer Quivering.

I'm bem02 on wordpress.

Thanks for the heads-up; I've added you to the list of blogs I'm following over there. :) Still haven't thought of anything to post myself...

I was thinking of doing something similar recently, just so I could wax philosophical and not assault people here at ElJay with it!

In other words, I love your idea - never hurts to have a back-up place, yes?


That's pretty much my own thinking in creating it. As you say, it can't hurt. ;)

Have fun with WP! I guess it's easier to talk to people on wp if they're so inclined.

I hope I will. I'm still going to frequent Livejournal, but I thought it'd be useful to have another outlet. I'm not sure what I'm going to post there yet, though ;)

Have fun! I have fussed about on WP a bit and find it a lot easier to deal with than Tumblr.

Yeah, Tumblr confuses me greatly.

*shakes stick and tells kids to get off his lawn*


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