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The 53rd Anniversary Fanwork-a-thon??
I think it's fair to say there hasn't been a great deal of activity on [community profile] who_at_50 this year, entirely down to my not getting around to posting anything. And to be honest, there seems to be less online Who fandom going on in general in recent times. Perhaps it's normal that in a year without a new series of Who there's going to be a drop-off in activity. However, while we're waiting for Class (we are waiting for Class, right, folks?) and Power of the Animated Daleks to drop, and since it's that time of year again, I'm giving some very serious thought to having an anniversary fanwork-a-thon for the comm as in the past couple of years.

It would be the usual sort of drill - signups during October, posting in November, relatively informal and inclusive format and rules (basically, make a fanwork - just about any fanwork - post it and receive kudos from all). I just thought I'd test the waters before I announce anything to see whether people are up for it this year.

So, let me know! :)

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I would love to see another of these ficathons!! They are definitely a highlight to the year, honey!


I've got a landcomm and Yuletide to keep me busy (and poss Trick or Treat - might be a bit much this year), but I don't know about others.

Understood - although I will say that if any of those are okay with crossposting, I am too! :)

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