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Fic: Presidential Address [Twelfth Doctor, Gen, All Ages]
Story: Presidential Address
At Teaspoon - At AO3
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 695
Summary: Shut up and listen, Earthlings. The President’s talking.
Characters/Pairings: Just Twelve and his axe
Warnings: Some mild cumudgeonliness about aspects of NuWho, nothing bashing though, I hope.

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So, it occurs to me that we're more than halfway through his second series and I still haven't tried writing anything featuring Twelve. I quite like the idea of those console room straight-to-camera monologues of his, so this is along those lines. And it sort of came out being a bit critical of NuWho NuNIT stories in general and recent ones in particular, that sort of thing being uppermost on my mind after last Saturday's episode. Anyway...

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Whoo! I can still write things! :D

Thanks, though. :)

And it wasn't 20,000 words! Amazing!


Oh, this is brilliant, and SO Twelve!!

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