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Bring It...!
Honestly, even though on some intellectual level I know it is never going to live up to the hype in my head, I am so ready for this:

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I distinctly remember stomping upstairs after the series finale yelling that Chris Carter owed me two years of my life back, but I'm still going to watch this, because I am weak as hell.

(Hmm, need an X-Files icon. Shall settle for a bee, for geeky shipper reasons.)

Ohhh, need to see this myself!

I'm only the wishy-washiest of X-files fans and I'm still super excited about this.

And it's only October...!

I mean, that is the important thing about a new X-Files thing: will it have Skinner?

Here the answer is yes, so that's something. (I mean, all right, so did the last film, but it didn't have enough Skinner and the best bit was where Scully decided that enough was enough and they needed Skinner. because also Scully is great and understands these things.)

I think that's the main lesson we can take from the Billy Connolly X-Files film - needed more Skinner!

Not sure about the dodgy facial hair Skinner seems to be sporting in the trailer, but in all fairness he's Skinner so he can probably carry it off. ;)

He's probably been envious of the Brig's moustache all these years!

I wonder if it's glued on?

Please let it be better than the last movie.

Please let it be better than the last movie.

Please let it be better than the last movie.

I've chosen to bleach the last movie from my brain.

That's probably wise. It was so poor I was surprised Gillian and David even agreed to be in it. Had it been an episode, it would have been one of the weakest.

I think it's spelled "Yeeeerrrrrrssss!!"


Okay: Yeeeerrrrrrrssss!! :D

It's kind of blasphemous to have Scully look so un-ginger, though!

That would be my main point of contention with the whole thing, actually.


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