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I Want To Believe...

EDIT: In case you're now scratching your head in puzzlement (as you can no longer watch the embedded video), it was a trailer for the new X-Files miniseries which is due to air in January 2016 and which, as you may imagine, I am very, very excited/anxious about. Except now it's gone, seemingly as part of some sort of recherché advertising strategy on the part of the makers.

This article may shed light on the matter (you can also watch a new trailer there with some of the same footage as the old one):

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Ah, Mulder, Scully, and their eternal inability to find the light switch!

Yes! :D And just about every single police/detective show made since them seems to share that inability.

In future generations will that holding-torch-overarm thing be remembered as 'File's most significant cultural legacy? XD

Undoubtedly. That, and Mulder's girly scream. ;-)

Ah, the girly scream... :)

"This video is private"

Yes, that's a bit annoying, isn't it? Seems to be deliberate on the part of the advertisers to throw a bit of X-Files-type mystery into the teaser campaign (it was an X-Files trailer, btw ;D).

This may shed some light on things:

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